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Summer Camps in Westchester County

Summer Camps in Westchester County

Summer Camps in Westchester County offer something for every child.  There are hundreds of kids’ summer camps to choose from.  Find one of the summer camps you don’t want your child to miss this year and make your decision easier with this by breaking down the various options.

Children who prefer to learn during the summer can take part in an academic camp.  These camps teach everything from astronomy to veterinary medicine.  Meanwhile,  there are many more such as archaeology, biology, business, chemistry, computer and debate camps.  Also, you will find foreign language, gifted, journalism, math, robotics and science camps.

Adventure Summer Camps

Kids can climb rocks, go canoeing or spend time in the wilderness at any general camp.  Meanwhile, adventure camps are centered around unique expeditions.  Rock climbing, canoeing, and outdoor activities don’t become a couple of hours of fun; they become an entire camp experience.  For example, there are biking, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, and fishing camps.  You can also find survival, white water rafting, caving, and sky diving camps.

Arts Summer Camps

The budding artist in your family may be interested in a camp that teaches fine or performing arts. Art camps focus on developing a child’s certain artistic talents. Children may attend workshops, practice for performances or prepare for an exhibit, all to take the child’s love of that particular art to the next level.  Some examples are, acting, art, dance, music, theatre and writing camps.

General Summer Camps

Most parents who went to summer camp usually think of a general camp when considering programs for their children. Swimming, arts and crafts and spending time in the great outdoors are some of the many activities offered at general camps. Most take place in the woods and are budget-friendly kids’ summer camps.

Sports Summer Camps

Name a sport, and there’s probably a camp for it.  Cheerleading, baseball, football, and basketball camps are the typical sports camps that come to mind. But sports camps also include surfing, lacrosse, and BMX, to name a few.  A lot of sports camps have a professional athlete or coach associated with them, as a result, children learn from some of the most experienced people in their sport.