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Summer Camps Near Me

summer camps in new england

Summer Camps Near Me

Summer Camps Near Me can allow a kid to be observant and assertive as they open themselves up to new experiences and start socializing.   As a result, they make great new friends.  New campers may feel overwhelmed by trying to make new friends.  A good idea is to focus on their bunk-mates they will live with for the next few weeks.  Chances are they are not the only kids having the same nervous emotions.  There are many children that are shy.  There are plenty of other “friendless” people at camp too.  Knowing this can help them relax and feel more at ease when meeting new friends.

Keep at It

It is important to get yourself out there and introduce yourself to the other campers that may be in your situation.  Don’t just sit in the bunk, it won’t show the other campers that you really are interested in getting to know them.  Sitting around hoping that someone else will approach you might not work out in your favor.  For example, while it is certainly possible that another camper or counselor will introduce themselves to you, acting in an assertive way and reaching out to others shows that you truly want to make friends. Assertiveness shows more confidence than passive behavior.  Using a much more respectful and friendly tone than an aggressive style.  For example, you might walk up to someone participating in an activity you enjoy and politely ask to join in.  Complimenting the person on her technique or style as you do so.

Conversation Starters

If you freeze up when you try to introduce yourself to a fellow bunkmate, think up a few conversation starters beforehand. Approach a bunk-mate and ask if he’s attended this camp before.  Smile and respond to the other person’s answer with some information about yourself.  You can ask where the other camper is from, and try to find common ground to build a friendship upon.

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