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Fishing Camps For Kids

Fishing Camps For Kids

Fishing Camps For Kids

Fishing camps for kids can jumpstart a new love for fishing and the outdoors for your child.  Before choosing a fishing camp that best fits your child, you need to introduce them to fishing first.  The gear is packed up, the rods are rigged, and the weather is great. You’re ready for a fun day of fishing, but you’re not sure where to go.  Maybe you’re looking to try somewhere new or you’re visiting a new town, but you’ve found yourself frantically wondering how to find a fishing place near you.  No matter the scenario, there’s a tool that will teach you how to find a fishing place near you: the fishing map powered by FishBrain.

New Technology

This dynamic map will help you easily find the best places to fish near you. To use the map, zoom in on the area or waterbody you’re interested in fishing or search for it by name.  In addition, you can see what other fishermen are catching in real-time.   Also, what lures they’re using to catch the fish. You can also filter the map by a certain species of fish to view logged catches across the country.  The Places To Fish Map includes fishing intelligence features that showcase recent catches, prominent fish species in the area, and local knowledge sourced from expert anglers.

New Technology Continued

Tap into the fishing forecasts feature that shows you the best times and tides to target a fish species. You can even locate U.S. Fish & Wildlife refuges and hatcheries for expanded fishing opportunities and other nearby points of interest such as boat ramps and places to get a fishing license. Easily uncheck the places of interest to clear the map and just view fishing spots and catches.  Once you have this information you will be ready for a productive day of fishing.

Pick the Camp

Once your child has some fishing success under his or her belt, they will be ready for a bigger challenge.   Fishing camps are hard to find but there are some awesome sleepaway fishing camps close by in the northeast.  If your kid loves to fish for freshwater bass, you have to check out Candlewood Fishing Camp.  This is a one week co-ed sleepaway on Candlewood Lake in CT.  Campers spend morning and evening fishing with the best local guides and tournament anglers.  Another bass fishing camp is Kurt Dove’s Pro Bass Camp in Texas and NY.  If your child likes the saltwater, there is Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp in Tampa.  Whatever camp you choose, your kids will have the time of their lives!