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Best Summer Camps in NJ

Best Summer Camps in NJ

Best Summer Camps in NJ

Best summer camps in NJ can offer some of the greatest experiences in a young kid’s life.  If your child likes to fish, New Jersey is a great place to go.  So, while your family waits to send your kid to a bass fishing camp this summer, there are lots of fishing spots in NJ.



One of the top spots for bass fishermen in New Jersey.  Fishermen favor it for it’s trout fishing.  It produced the state record for lake trout and brown trout.  With 2,350 acres of surface water, it is one of the state’s biggest bass-fishing lakes.  Furthermore, there is an excellent paved boat launch, as well as access and ample parking.  Consequently, there is a 10-horsepower rule on the reservoir, which keeps fishing pressure down.  Anglers with high-powered bass boats can’t use them.



494 surface acres, makes it one of the largest natural lakes found in the state.  This provides anglers with a chance to test their deep-water fishing skills. Eighty percent of the lake is deeper than 10 feet.  There are areas that give the angler some shallow-water fishing.  Certainly, jig combinations, deep-running crankbaits and spinnerbaits will produce well here.


The reservoir has a very good largemouth population.  It also possesses one of the better smallmouth populations of any reservoir found in the state.  Smallies to 6 pounds have been taken from the reservoir and weighed.  Meanwhile, some hefty largemouths were taken from the lake as well. It also has an excellent hybrid striped bass population that also keeps rods bent.


One of the top perennial bass-producing waters in the central part of New Jersey.  Most importantly, this lake annually produces some of the best catches of good-sized bass in the state.  Bass in the 6- and 7-pound class were weighed in at several local tackle shops.  Meanwhile, bass tournaments on the lake produced good results too.

In conclusion, If your child loves to fish for bass, you must check out Candlewood Fishing Camp in western CT.  If you are looking for a family fishing outing, book a trip with Bassman Fishing Tours on Candlewood Lake.